Saturday, 21 May 2011

My Holiday 2011 xxx

Hey :)

So on the 20th of June I am going away to Rhodes in Greece with my boyfriend for 10 nights. I just wanted to do a blog post to ask if any of you or your friends have been before, and if there are any MUST SEE places?? :)

We are staying here... Capsis Hotel.

Apparently theres a small zoo on the hotel cool is that !! :)

So if any of you have been to Rhodes, I would be grateful of any tips or any places we should visit!!

Thanks so much...enjoy the rest of your weekends! P.s I got the job that I was interviewed for on Tuesday,....wooooo :D

Mwahh xxxx

A-Z of me :)

Hey my bloggers! Well I'm in on my own on a saturday night! How sad *boo hoo me* lol. So stole this A-Z from BlushBlendBeauty

Hope you learn more about me and dont find me too weird... ENJOY :)

Age: 20
Bed Size: Double
Chore you hate: Hoovering and hanging washing up :(
Dogs: Nopee, would love a little puppy though!
Favourite Colour: Baby Pink and Lilac...yes im a girly girl!
Gold or Silver: Definitely Silver!
Height: 5 ft tiny :(
Instruments I play: None...
Job title: NEW JOB!!...Events Co-ordinator :D
Kids: Not for a while yet...2 girls and 1 boy please :) girls names sorted...baffed on boys ones though..they always seem harder!
Live: "I'm in Essex girl" ;)
Mum's Name: Joy :)
Nicknames: Han, Tink, Montana, Poppy, Pop :)
Pet Peeve: Girls that do not blend their face makeup into their hello!
Quote from a movie: He's a she she, shes a he he! hahah love it :)
Right of Left hand: Right!
Siblings: My Bro- Luke
Time you wake up: Well at the moment..its around 5.45am every morning...i dont know why :( need to sort it out!
Underwear: No granny pants please!
Vegetables you dislike: Mmmm...None I dont think :)
X-rays you've had done: Foot and Back.
Yummy Food you make: Eton Mess :D
Zoo animal: Penguins :)

****Why dont you do one :)****

Muchos love!! xxx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I want to do random Blog Posts :)

Hey my lovlies!!
Hope you are all well and this miz wather isn't getting to you all too much *frizz hair!*

So trying to get to grips with this has been a little hard for me as I don't know quite what I'm doing. But I do know that I want to blog all the time :)

I thought of something really random, but something to share with you guys- A Food Blog, seeing as summers coming up, and like every girl want that "Perfect Bikini Body"

So I'm going to try and Blog each day what I have to eat..My willpower trips me up sometimes and I give in to those delicious looking cakes, or the odd chocolate bar. But i thought if we all do this, then we can all support each other and achieve what we want :)

Here we gooooo!

Wednesday 18th May.

Breakfast- Bowl of Cheerios and a glass of orange squash

Mid-morning Snack- Raspberry clusters with natural yoghurt

Lunch- two pieces of Chargrilled chicken with salad. Choux bun for desert :(

Dinner....still to come...:)

Overall, I think this is okay, I had to satisfy my sweet craving at lunch,and maybe could have replaced this with a fruit salad or fruit yog, but I love cake so much :D

I hope you guys start doing some food blogs, would be great to see what everyone else is having! And any new ideas :)

Thanks for reading...muchos love!! xxxx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Entry to Blushblendbeauty's Competition! Safari Big Bold Beautiful :)

So this is my entry to Natalie's competition. I decided to do an animal print make up style as I love anything to do with animal prints!! Shoes, clothes, bags you name it!

Product Information
Eyeshadow- Buttercup from "frontcover"
Eyeliner- Superliner from Loreal Paris
Lipstick- 140/38 Barry M
Lashes- Eyelure.

So here are a few snaps...enjoy :) xxx

Monday, 16 May 2011

Body Shop Product Review

Last week, my Mum and I took a trip to the Body Shop as we had some vouchers with £10 off when you spend £25 in May. On top of this the Body Shop are currently doing an offer that if your total spend is £25 you get a free gift set work £25- this is the vitamin c collection or  £27.50- which is the vitamin e collection. So as you can tell a very enticing offer!

However to get the free gift aswell as using our voucher we had to have a total of products that came to £35, but with the £10 off voucher we got it for £25 plus the free gift. Even more 10% further if you have a body shop loyalty card!

When we got home we added up the value of the products and we ended up getting around £80 worth of products for £25! BARGAIN!!!

I am going to do a review of these products with pics and descriptions in the next coming days, but just to tell you they are the BEST! The creams are so nourishing and make you skin look and feel perfect!!
Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

Mwah! xxx

Hello and Welcome to my Blog :)

Hey my fellow bloggers!

I promised myself I would create a blog once I had finished my second year of university. I am beevering away, TRYING to get used to this "blogger thingy".

I thought I'd do my first post to let you all know a bit about me :)

I am 20 years old..soon to be the big 21 in July...don't know if thats a good thing seeing as im getting older haha!
Alongside my degree I work part-time in Morrisons*big yay =/ * At the end of the day its a job and brings in the money for me to spend on lots of nice, clothes ,and holidays :D Currently I am applying for jobs to complete a 12 month work placement which is part of my degree and allows it to become an Honours :) In fact....have an interview tomorrow, so will let you all know how that goes! I <3 dancing, anything to do dance, I am HOOKED on! That includes going to the west end to see shows at the theatre. I think i've seen pretty much every west end show, excluding the Lion King, which Ive heard so much about, so thats definitely the next one! So yeh since I was two, I have done tap, ballet and modern. My most recent dance school was called ASPA, there I did many Christmas shows and performed at various theatres. Also, whilst at high school I had the chance to dance at Sadlers Wells (a famous theatre in London). Was absoloutely fantastic, and along with that I did Dance GCSE which I got an A* in *yayyy!* :)

So thats a little bit about me :) Going to try and get used to this blogging so bare with me.

Thanks for reading, muchos love!! xxxx