Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I want to do random Blog Posts :)

Hey my lovlies!!
Hope you are all well and this miz wather isn't getting to you all too much *frizz hair!*

So trying to get to grips with this has been a little hard for me as I don't know quite what I'm doing. But I do know that I want to blog all the time :)

I thought of something really random, but something to share with you guys- A Food Blog, seeing as summers coming up, and like every girl want that "Perfect Bikini Body"

So I'm going to try and Blog each day what I have to eat..My willpower trips me up sometimes and I give in to those delicious looking cakes, or the odd chocolate bar. But i thought if we all do this, then we can all support each other and achieve what we want :)

Here we gooooo!

Wednesday 18th May.

Breakfast- Bowl of Cheerios and a glass of orange squash

Mid-morning Snack- Raspberry clusters with natural yoghurt

Lunch- two pieces of Chargrilled chicken with salad. Choux bun for desert :(

Dinner....still to come...:)

Overall, I think this is okay, I had to satisfy my sweet craving at lunch,and maybe could have replaced this with a fruit salad or fruit yog, but I love cake so much :D

I hope you guys start doing some food blogs, would be great to see what everyone else is having! And any new ideas :)

Thanks for reading...muchos love!! xxxx

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