Monday, 16 May 2011

Hello and Welcome to my Blog :)

Hey my fellow bloggers!

I promised myself I would create a blog once I had finished my second year of university. I am beevering away, TRYING to get used to this "blogger thingy".

I thought I'd do my first post to let you all know a bit about me :)

I am 20 years old..soon to be the big 21 in July...don't know if thats a good thing seeing as im getting older haha!
Alongside my degree I work part-time in Morrisons*big yay =/ * At the end of the day its a job and brings in the money for me to spend on lots of nice, clothes ,and holidays :D Currently I am applying for jobs to complete a 12 month work placement which is part of my degree and allows it to become an Honours :) In fact....have an interview tomorrow, so will let you all know how that goes! I <3 dancing, anything to do dance, I am HOOKED on! That includes going to the west end to see shows at the theatre. I think i've seen pretty much every west end show, excluding the Lion King, which Ive heard so much about, so thats definitely the next one! So yeh since I was two, I have done tap, ballet and modern. My most recent dance school was called ASPA, there I did many Christmas shows and performed at various theatres. Also, whilst at high school I had the chance to dance at Sadlers Wells (a famous theatre in London). Was absoloutely fantastic, and along with that I did Dance GCSE which I got an A* in *yayyy!* :)

So thats a little bit about me :) Going to try and get used to this blogging so bare with me.

Thanks for reading, muchos love!! xxxx

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